FUCOIDAN - one of the most important ingredients of sea giant kelp was first extracted in 1913 by Professor Killeen at Uppsala University (Sweden). Professor Killeen became a pioneer of amazing 100% natural ingredient. Due to its great health benefits, Fucoidan has been extensively examined. Fucoidan is a unique source of mucus, which is rich in dietary fiber and it is an amazing source of sulfated polysaccharides.

Fucoidan is a type of polysaccharide with a significant percentage of L-fucose and sulfate groups derived mainly from sea giant kelp. In addition to L-fucose saccharide chain also includes galactose, mannose, xylose and uronic acid.

This means that fucoidan has a unique molecular structure that makes this product an effective and unique natural dietary constituent.

People who throughout their life regularly have brown algae, which contains fucoidan, and which has excellent immunity; they have much lower level of incidence of any disease.

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